Day 3: finally, camping!

On Day 3 half the team went back to the same field site as Day 2 to quickly put cameras back, and the other half went to the market.  I went with the market for fear of slowing down the field team.  We gathered water and other supplies, and the two halves met back up by late afternoon.

After some fresh-cut coconut milk and goodbyes to Agoeng’s very generous and accommodating parents, we drove to the camp site.

It was a long drive, and we arrived late and in darkness.  It was by a bend in a river, with tall trees nearby.  The cars were parked side by side, and tarp was slung over branches between them.  We cooked dinner – a much more elaborate dinner than I expected in the field – with fried fish that some of the team members had fished out of Agoeng’s father’s ponds that day.  I was quite impressed with the full and varied meal that was assembled on the camp stove – fried fish, tempeh with numerous spices, and rice.  The team, as usual, was having a great time – laughing and joking with each other while preparing dinner and eating.

It was still warm through the night.  I slept in a sleeping bag under the tarp with the rest of the team, falling asleep to the sound of crickets and intermittent rain.


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